The following books are published in Εnglish. For books published in Greek see this page.
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Books published in English
An English-Greek Dictionary of Idiomatic Expressions,
Kyriakidis, Thessaloniki, 1992
Shakespeare Studies,
Kyriakidis, Thessaloniki, 1995
Greek and English Proverbs, Corfu, 1999
Greek Maxims and Proverbs in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,
Apostrophos, Corfu, 2000 (out of print).
Lawrence Durrell and the Greek World,
Proceedings of the International Corfu Conference, Ionian University, 2000.
Landmarks in English Literature,
Apostrophos, Corfu, 2000.
Confusing Words in English,
Metaichmio, Athens, 2001.
The Use of Prepositions,
Metaichmio, Athens, 2003
Greek and English Proverbs,
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015
Anglo-Hellenic Cultural Relations,
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016
Books translated from Greek
Voices from Jannina.
Contemporary Greek Literature,
Hellenism, Thessaloniki, 1972
Lorenzos Mavilis, Selected Sonets,
The Corfu Reading Society, Corfu, 2001
The Greek Poet Cavafy and History,
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016
A Panorama of Greek Poetry,
Filyra Books, 2018
a panorama of greek poetry